Family Advantage Package

Eligible family members are head of household, spouse and any unmarried dependent children living at home up to age 18 and/or full-time college students age 24 and under. Your HOME RESORT is the resort where you will pick up your passes or where you will visit most often.

Please add your family members below:

1st Person: Select 1st family member. Please select Home Resort

   Add 1st Person   | Add 1st Person+Rental   |

Additional family members 13+: Select additional family members age 13 and up. Please select Home Resort

   Add Family Member age 13+   | Add Family Member+Rent ($49)   |

Additional family members 6-12: Select additional family members age 6 – 12. Please select Home Resort

   Add Junior age 6-12   | Add Junior 6-12 + Rent ($49)   |

Age 5 and under(as of 12/1/2018): Select additional family members age 5 and under. Please select Home resort

   Add 5 and Under   | Add 5 and Under + Rent ($49)   |

Family Companion Cards: A Companion Card lets you bring a friend along for 40% off lift tickets and class lessons every time you visit. The card may be used for a different person every time but must be used in conjunction with a purchase on the corresponding Family account. LIMIT 2 per Family Package. Please Select your Home Resort

   Add Companion Card ($45)   |

- *When the "Print at Home" box is checked, it means you will receive your ticket(s) electronically and can print them yourself.
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